Donck NV

Donck NV

Sector: Garden sector
Solution: eGrow


Your garden center supplier!

We are a dynamic and reliable family business and with our customers and suppliers we strive for a long-term relationship. Being a well-established name in the ornamental plant business, with over forty years of experience, we are the ideal partner in supplying the whole continental range of garden and indoor plants to your garden center.

Consistency and best value for money

Our product range is carefully selected each week by our buying department in order to satisfy your wishes. To guarantee quality, nearly all products are supplied fresh every day, at competitive prices.

Wide product range

Our central location in Europe permits us to supply the whole continental range of garden and indoor plants. Flowering plants, green plants, planted arrangements created and produced by our in-house team, seasonal products, tree nursery stock and Mediterranean products are our main specialties. With our varied weekly assortment, cut-price special offers and creative theme offerings (e.g. Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc), we help you to have something different in store every week… 

In spring we can supply you direct with our range of Mediterranean plants which we source directly from our suppliers in Italy, Sicily and Spain. This enables us to supply you with fresh products in several direct deliveries at very low prices. For more details, please contact our sales team.

Customer-driven service

The week offer lists we send include pictures and different prices points per volumes (e.g. tray, shelve, trolley). You don’t need to order by full trolley or full shelve. There are also special minimum order units per item. You can place your order by telephone, fax, mail or webshop. Our dynamic and motivated sales team is always at your disposal for any inquiries. Retail labelling is also customer-driven. We ensure that your plants are delivered with your retail price, barcode and logo.

Dynamic logistics

With our own modern fleet of six trucks and our close collaboration with established hauliers in the ornamental plant business, we can guarantee a punctual delivery. All trucks are ambient and equipped with a loading platform. We always try to load our trucks for maximum efficiency in order to minimize transport costs. Our own logistical platform at the Bleiswijk auction permits daily supply of fresh Dutch produce.