Dumpi Mart

Dumpi Mart

Sector: Furniture retail
Solution: Furniture store software

Dumpi Mart is a furniture shop specialized in collect and go items. In their large shop you will find an extensive range of office furniture, living room and bedroom furniture and accessories. To manage their cash and carry concept they chose to work with eMeubel.

Ivan Vanderhaeghen, CEO of Dumpi Mart:
"Dumpi Mart was ready for a new software system, the application with which we worked was no longer supported and this brought a large potential risk. We chose for eMeubel because it’s a specific program designed for our sector and it is easy to work with. After a visit at Soft Randall and their numerous references we immediately trusted Soft Naert. "

 Paul Vanhee Rentals, employee of the Dumpi Team testifies:
"The order management is the heart of eMeubel and of our business. If a customer calls, you can find immediately all the necessary information and you can answer him in a blink of an eye.
This includes all information on sales, supplier delivery date confirmation, customer delivery planning, outstanding customer balance, deposits and so on.