The ERP software for the green industry. This solution helps monitoring and processing the growing plants business.   Thanks to eGrow   you will save time,   work more professionally and  grow   your business. Below some of the software  functionalities:



Your administration runs smooth and easy. The entire process such as order processing, stock management and invoicing will be streamlined. A good, efficient administration is key to  keep your business growing  and to ensure a good quality towards your customers. Furthermore, you save a lot of time  and cut errors to a minimum. 


With the 'actions'-module, you'll be more in charge of your sales process. You can   create a special section in your offer to be sent digitally to your customers; highligh your gamma or the spot offers modifying the prices in real time.   This operation will help you achieving a sales and revenue increase.  It is possible to determine a different pricing policy per customer, customer group and/or product. eGrow ensures that  all prices are updated automatically  at any level.


The automatic ordering system prevents  any  stock shortage   and  ensures  always the purchases at  the best conditions. Another plus point is the   complete list of order history and price evolutions   during  negotiations.  In one action it's possible to check the   purchase  invoices   and then  transfer them automatically to our accounting software, Tribune*.
(*Only available for the Belgian  market)


Labels create an objective advantage over your peers. In addition, you respond to the increasing demand from wholesalers and garden centers. You can tailor  the labels to match the needs of your clients.   You save your customers a lot of work and provide   an unique service. eGrow makes the process very simple.


You have a clear picture    on the inbound and outbound empties. With eGrow  you   keep everything accurate  and  you make sure everything runs smoothly .   In addition,  you easily make reports that you can send to your customers and suppliers. 


The green sector faces a  highly competitive market on a  daily basis. Monitoring the margins is  an important issue in ensuring the profitability of your business. Especially with the small and varying margins that  characterize the sector.  The software gives you  a clear idea of the costs and you can offer your  products at a competitive price.  You take a stronger position in the market and  you are sure of your profit.


The statistics give you a better view  on your turnover and margin by customer, item  or   period. This allows you to have an elicopter view on your company and to act faster then the competition. 

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