eService is the rental & maintenance ERP software that helps increasing the company performances and to cut costs. This solution provides a total machine and warehouse management according to your needs. With eService your work will be efficient and professional! These are some of the modules included in our solution:




The extensive article sheets gives you a perfect indication of which items are associated with a particular brand and type of machine. Everything is easily traceable, so you can respond promptly and accurately to customer requests. Using labels, every movement of the stock is recorded. Labels are not only a fast and simple way of working, but also keep the system flawless and accurate.

Every employee works with the same, correct data. You put a clear structure into your business information. The program simplifies the creation of new articles and manages product and price information in an efficient manner.



eService offers the necessary tools to carefully compile clear quotations   and sales contracts for your clients and prospects. All the quotations   and contracts are made in the same style, each with a clear description of your machine/installation. The software automatically applies the correct margins and prices. 



You avoid manual accounting operations due to the link with the financial management. Accounting results will be obtained a lot more fluently, leading to a faster monthly closing. Different manual operations are automatically processed by the software, reducing the error rate to a minimum.



Technicians on the road combined with your administration? Often a difficult marriage. eService offers you a convenient solution in the form of a mobile application. Your mechanic scans used items, keeps a record of the maintenance work, time and collects the signature of the customer. All fully digital. Finally an end to the paperwork, lost time and turnover.

The application is fully integrated with the back office. after the installation /maintenance work, the customer automatically receives an overview of the work performed. This way, you give your customer the professional service he deserves.



The CRM module maps the potential of each customer/prospect and gives you the tools to follow every contact. This ensures that you invest your valuable time in the right opportunities. Through sharing information, the internal and external teams   are perfectly matched and convey the same message. 



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