eService is the field service ERP software that helps increasing your company performance and to cut costs. This solution provides a total machine and warehouse management according to your needs. With eService your work will be efficient and professional! 


managing your company

 Your sales men/representatives are the    first and most important link in the administrative flow. Usually a lot of technical aspects and measurements are included in the quotation. eService offers    the tools to configure machines/installations and to keep all technical details up to date including    them in the quotation. Set     your prices and rates depending on the customer or customer group. The software makes quotation    and sales contracts in the same style and  same  clear layout.



 Manage the stock in the warehouse and on the veichles used by your    technicians. Thanks to the barcode scanning, you can easily register all stock modification. With the automatic order proposal you avoid stock breaches of the most common parts and you guarantee a fast service. Improve the throughput time of your warehouse, limit the overhead costs and create a clear overview.

 "Thanks to Soft Naert we can choose the best supplier for a specific item case by case depending on our needs. A great added value for our business! "

-   Maarten Deceuninck,   Deceuninck heftrucks -   



manage your works from a digital planboard

At a glance you have an overview  of    all the assignments and available technicians. The planner maps the route and follows the technicians in real-time. Everything works with     a simple drag & drop principle. Both your employees and your customers will benefit from a good  and clear planning . Once the planning will be completed it'll be send to the mobile application for the technicians.


MOBIle application and    DIGITAL    work order

With     the mobile application your  field service technicians  has a very powerful tool. Technicians have a clear view of their agenda. They have the possibility to rethrive  photos, the history of the previous works and technical drawings. Your technicians register all consumables, activities, comments, checklists and customer's signature. Everything digital. The customer receives an e-mail from the visit report when the technician leaves.

More information about the digital work    order app


CORRECT INVOICing   in  no time

All  preparatory work for invoicing is done  automatically    by    your technicians while still at   the customer. The only thing that has t  o be done at the office is the control. Work or parts in warranty, do not charge. Maybe you have one total price for a complete project. Then you charge that price, but you still have a clear view of the costs of that project.

an accurate price calcualtion

All transport, works completed, consumables, are accurately managed     in the system thanks to the digital app for technicians. You will have a clear overview of the costs/revenues per item     and per machine. You can also have the   overview by     customer, installation/machine and rental contract.

The thorough post-calculation is one of the assets of eService. The software gives you a clear insight from different angles  and helps you with decisions to reduce costs and increase your profit margin.


"I used to be busy with invoicing for two - three days a week. Now everything's done in half a day, and the     number of invoices has increased considerably."

- Tom Lefevre, CDS automaten


Link with CRM

With the CRM module you can map out the potential of each customers/prospect and follow up on each contact. This helps you focusing on the  most valuable    customers/prospects. Thanks to the sharing of information, the internal and external service are perfectly coordinated and harmonized. Your team works professionally and transparently. A connection with the Outlook calendar is also possible.

Link to an accountacy software

Thanks to the link with financial management, our customers avoid lots of manual transactions. The accounting results will be much easier, leading to a faster monthly closure. An enormous amount of time is saved and the administrative error is reduced to a minimum.


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