The complete ERP software solution for the furniture retail business. Since 1980 Soft Naert is familiar with the problems of  furniture companies. The unique combination of our experience and the profound knowledge of our customers makes eMeubel a complete, specific & intuitive  software for the furniture industry.





Managing the large number of articles and catalogues from different vendors, with plenty of options and specifications, is one of the biggest challenges in every furniture store. It’s a very time consuming process without a specific program. eMeubel helps our customers to manage all the different items and models in an easy way and ensures an error-free communication with both customers and suppliers.

Every employee works with the same, accurate data. You can apply a clear structure in your business information. The software facilitates the creation of new products and manages product and pricing information in an efficient manner. eMeubel provides the ability to import and process digital catalogues & excel files, create your own catalogues and quickly create individual items. 

 Item management


   furniture inventory management

The software allows you to keep your inventory as lean as possible, this according to the Just-In-Time principle (JIT). You have the right tools and information to make better agreements with both the customer and the supplier. Items are delivered faster, billed faster & the costs (like the overhead) are reduced to a minimum.

eMeubel helps the user to apply structure in the warehouse and the planning of shipments. The planner has a digital, visual planning tool where he can assign the orders to specific regions and routes.

  Furniture inventory management



Get to really know your business with eMeubel! You can see various statistics data, you get a view of your peak times, a comparison between different departments, vendors, sales per year, month, day, hour,… by region, suppliers, media type, etc.

This information can be used by employees at every level of your organization that need clear and useful information. You make important decisions in your business on a daily basis. Decisions you make with the appropriate background information stimulate the productivity and growth of your company.



Your sales staff enters sales orders immediately and digitally with the customer. Paper sales receipts can be omitted. The customer receives a clean sales receipt and the order is immediately processed in the system. The sales display is intuitive and contains all the information necessary for the purchase to the supplier and the shipment to the customer in a later stage. eMeubel is equipped with an all-in-one POS system for takeout items.

Sold items, with specific modifications, are mostly not available in your inventory. Purchase orders are automatically linked to the sales order avoiding double input. The link between the sales and purchase module offers a huge advantage and this  on a daily basis. eMeubel  helps our customers to save time and avoid costly mistakes. 

  Sales & purchases



We are constantly investing effort and time in the further development of our software. Recently we introduced  a web application that functions as an extension to the existing ERP system.  The app gives tangible solutions to many different key personnel like sales attendants, warehousemen, drivers and executives.

Soft Naert has developed a multi-device web application to make certain functions of their business application mobile-friendly. The application is available on PC, tablet & smartphone. The new feature is our answer to the ‘go mobile’ trend. 

eMeubel web application