Furniture inventory software

An efficient inventory management system is vital in every furniture store. EMeubel offers furniture stores the opportunity to exert more control over their stock, as well as keep  an overview thanks to the real-time updates.  

  • Integrate stock across different platforms: the physical store, ecommerce & mobile
  • Reduce the average age of items in the warehouse by using the ‘JIT’-principle
  • Make strategic decisions based on statistics and real-time stock information
  • Sufficient supply to meet customer demand
  • Full interaction between multiple branches and warehouses using internal transport, as well as internal billing.

'just-in-time' inventory management

eMeubel helps our customers to get as close to the 'just-in-time’ principle as possible, both in terms of reference and stock orders. The software enables you  to make better arrangements with the supplier and the customer. The manufacturer delivers the furniture as near as possible to the delivery date agreed with the customer. Thanks to the extensive statistics and real-time stock information, you can base your stock orders on numbers and not just on a gut feeling. You keep a better overview in the warehouse, reduce costs and maximize the profits of your furniture store.






Booking optimisation

eMeubel allows for automatic reservations during order input. Once the customer buys an item, the system automatically selects it from the inbound or available stock. The reservation is made according to parameters like the requested delivery date of the customer, expected/requested delivery date of the purchase order,…

Automatic reservations are constantly recalculated. eMeubel checks constantly if there are options in the current stock or in the stock orders that better match the customer’s requested delivery date.

Barcode scanning

Orders delivered by the supplier can be easily entered and processed in the system. You can print your own labels per item, cart, location,… The lay-out of these labels can be customized. The use of scanners in the warehouse makes counting, receiving and picking processes a lot faster. Barcodes are not only a quick and easy way to work, but also keep the system error free and accurate.



All the deliveries can be fully managed using an overview of all the orders that need to be  delivered. You can contact the customer and start the planning for the different orders on a visual agenda which makes it easy and user friendly. The documents for the warehouse staff and the drivers (or installers) are printed and afterwards you can register the different payments and check if all the items were delivered. The entire fleet is also documented.