Managing the large number of articles and catalogues from different vendors, with plenty of options and specifications, is one of the biggest challenges in every modern furniture store.  'Item management' comprises a large part of the software. eMeubel helps the user to structure the large amount of information. 

  1. Creating items
  2. Managing prices
  3. Price conditions
  4. Assembling items
  5. Define several options
  6. Define complete stock item sheets 
  7. ...


Multiple possibilities



EDI, digital catalogue

EDI stands for electronic data interchange, the electronic exchange of information between the supplier and the retail organization. The catalogues of the various suppliers are imported into the system. In this way, the user has the possibility to configure all the possible items in an intuitive and fast way. Orders for the manufacturer will be sent automatically, as well as the order confirmation, which is encoded later in the system without any manual intervention. Ordering non-existent items is impossible, the customer always receives the correct information and prices.


Not every manufacturer can provide a digital catalogue. eMeubel offers our customers the possibility to create a catalogue for each product range. The final result offers the same lay-out and way of working as a catalogue delivered by the manufacturer. Working with eCat, it's no longer necessary to create items individually. Administrative staff can create a thoughtful structure in the catalogue, so that your sales staff can directly enter the order with the customer.


Some suppliers can send the catalogues using a CSV format. These can then be imported into  eMeubel. These lists mostly contain decoration items ( 'simple' items with not that many options).

Configuration items

A new item can easily be created starting from an existing one (e.g. same item with a different tissue or different dimensions).  Let’s assume you sold an item that’s not available. A purchase order needs to be created; after a quick search, you realize that it doesn’t yet exist in the database.  Common stock items can be copied and adjusted, then saved as a new item. You’ll then modify the options and specifications.


PRice management

eMeubel manages multiple price lists. Working with our price listings will simplify the price setting process. You'll no longer need to perform manual calculations or input prices item by item. This allows you to save time and avoid unnecessary mistakes.  It is possible to set the prices per supplier, including all the specific details like commercial  discounts, mark up, financial discounts, etc.

When a new model or item is created, eMeubel automatically applies the terms agreed with the supplier and calculates the margins. Single items, models or collection prices can be changed manually.

In the price parameters it’s possible to set the mark up according to the supplier, model or item. The margin can vary from branch to branch and so do the prices. Every shop of the same group can have different prices for the same items.

Prices can be modified at any time. The prices can change according to the date as well (for example in January you can set the prices for the May and September sales)

Price labels

eMeubel manages the price labels for all the single or grouped units (table + chairs, sofa + tea table). The document lay-out can be modified according to the customer’s needs and preferences.


connection with website/webshop

All the information about your assortment that’s available on your website can be managed using eMeubel. You add all the commercial texts and information  in the ERP. You can manage all the item information in one single system. 

You can immediately start with a webshop that’s linked in real-time with your administrative  software. The design can be fully tailored to your corporate identity. All the information originates from eMeubel and the orders are automatically processed, fast and easy.

Other information that’s useful to the customer can also be displayed. For example stock  availibility, order statistics,...