Throughout the years, the program has been constantly updated and refined according to the  market and customer needs. Since its launch Soft Naert is constantly investing in R&D keeping the  application up to date. Our latest feature is a web application designed as an extension to the  existing business application. eMeubel mobile gives practical  solutions to different key  personnel like sales attendants, warehousemen, drivers and executives.

Soft Naert has recently created a multi-device web application to help our customers to increase their sales and management performance. This new feature is our answer to the ‘go mobile’ market trend. Our application meets the customer and retailer needs in a simple and unique way. With this new feature eMeubel sets a milestone in its roadmap to the future and it is ready to  comply with the present and future needs of our 1300 users that work daily with our application.

item management

On a mobile device you have the eCatalogue item configurator  in the palm of your hand. In one screen you have all the key information about the item: inventory, prices, the items often sold together, etc.


The application gives you the possibility to create different locations in the showroom, to check the item’s availability and to measure the sales performance overall and per single location (GMROII, rotating items and so on).


Inputting the purchase order with your mobile device helps you to save time and 
increase the flow efficiency. It gets pretty  useful when the manager is walking through the store and he notices a shortage of a  specific item/model. She/he can place the order in no time, scanning the existing item to retrieve the data and send  over the  purchase order. All in 2 clicks.


The warehouse manager can track all the items, the movements and the locations using his smartphone, scanner and the different barcodes. This system is not only much faster, it also helps avoiding mistakes.


Select and customize the right items, browse the supplier’s digital catalogues and enter a sales order together with the customer. Hard copy catalogues, multipage sales notes,... now  belong in the past. 


Follow your business up close with advanced statistics. You can check the item, model and  supplier performances directly from the screen of your mobile device.