The entry of orders is done in a quick, accurate and reliable manner. Our solution for the furniture retail sector makes it possible to directly enter the order together with the client. This can be done using the mobile application on tablet or smartphone. In addition, there are various sales screens in the desktop  version of eMeubel. We offer different solutions, depending on your structure and way of working.

You offer the customer a good service giving yourself a  competitive advantage.

Cash register touch

A quick sales register is essential for furniture shops with a lot of smaller items and a cash & carry structure. Our application has a fast and efficient all-in-one POS system.

The cash register ensures a quick processing of all the operations required in the store. Cash register sales, registering advances, processing collections, loyalty cards, etc. The register is fast thanks to the touchscreen and barcode scanning. You can obtain all the necessary information about the products, customers, collections, etc. because everything is linked to the back-office software.


sales orders

There are two screens in the sales module for more 'complex' items. These contain all the necessary information needed for the purchase to the furniture manufacturer and the shipment to the customer in a later stage. eMeubel calculates the availability of the various furniture items and an accurate delivery date which you communicate to the customer.

Store entry

One screen is intented to enter the order together  with the customer.  Delicate information is not displayed in this view.  You can immediately print a neat sales receipt  and give it to the customer. The order is digitally  entered and processed in the program.

Back office  entry

The various orders are checked and processed by your administrative staff.  We developed an input screen that contains more detailed info.  The display includes the reference to the supplier, margins, additional product information, estimated delivery dates, etc. 


Selecting  the right items

Your employees search and select the right items in a fast and intuitive way, even during the sale. The user only needs to enter a few of the characteristics of the item: color, supplier, model, group,… You get an immediate view of  the available stock, how many have been ordered for customers or for the inventory, etc.

An item can also be configured with  the digital catalogue. The catalogue provides the ability to create new items that meet the personal demand of the customers. This intuitive tool includes all the possible options (colour, finishing, materials,…) combined with a built-in calculator that provides the user with the correct prices. The software processes the orders and the order confirmations related to the sale automatically.




Generally, the items you sell won’t be available in your stock and they'll have to be purchased. You can make purchase orders based on the different sales orders during the day. These  purchases can still be changed, postponed  and items can be added. 

Automatic order proposal 

The software automatically checks if you have enough stock of ‘popular’ items so your sales staff is not missing any opportunities. Per item you can define a minimum and maximum stock. Depending on the season (low or high), the software gives you a list that you can check, edit and send to the appropriate vendor.