The company's  performance can always be reviewed thanks to the built-in statistics of eMeubel. Branch performance, departments, salesmen, yearly, quarterly, monthly, daily and hourly sales volume, can be compared and analysed, together with the follow- up of the supplier’s  performance.

Possibilities per shop or all branches:

  • Monthly turnover per day
  • Yearly turnover per week
  • Yearly turnover per month
  • Daily sales in detail
  • Daily sales per hour
  • Sales per customer age
  • Comparison between current and previous sales per day/month/quarter/year
  • Sale selection per order/day typology
  • Sales performances according to postal codes per day/month/year
  • Compare the performance  of different branches

Extra possibilities and advantages:

-     All the sales can be compared to previous years

-     It’s possible to compare the first weekend of a certain month with the same weekend of the  year before

-     All the data can be presented in a graph

-     Data can be imported in MS office (excel)


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