The ERP software built for the furniture retail. We built Furnqube ground up thinking about the future. All the features needed to manage your store have been included.



get more out of your business

Furnqube is an ERP solution helping to manage your shop. From the quotation to the delivery Furnqube follows all the steps in a clear and simple way. It can be used on any screen thanks to its responsive design. You can use, for example, the desktop or laptop in the store, the tablet in the warehouse     and the smartphone for deliveries.







quotations and  sales

Once the quotation    has been created, it can be transformed into a sale with a click. All data are brought to the sale from which it is possible to create purchase lists. In an easy and intuitive way you can generate new customers, suppliers, models and items. All from the same page.




made to order 

 Once the  quotation has been accepted  and has been transformed into a sale, the order to the supplier can be created directly form the same screen. Clicking on the order  button will automatically create     the purchase document . It can be sent  in different formats; PDF, hard copy, and email with attachment in several different formats     (XML, UBL, CSV, EDI)




inventory and delivery    management

 After receiving the order confirmation by the supplier with the order number and all the other data the program is ready to upload the warehouse once the goods will arrive.    Furnqube helps the warehouse manager to check the incoming goods and to store them in the designated location.





Create items directly from the quotation. Once the supplier has been selected and a generic model has been filled in, the item can be created in a simple and rapid way. Furnqube can import digital catalogues in any format, allowing to configure the item with the available options*.

*The digital catalogues have to be provided by the suppliers




a new PLANNING TO manage all your activities is now available

More information about the planning



invoicing, deposits  and the   payments

Advance/deposit invoicing and full amounts can be invoiced and managed from the sales screen. Simply filling the amount and pressing the button next to it will create the invoice or the receipt that can be sent to the customer within the program by mail or printed out.




Accidents during delivery or assembly or mismatch with the orders may occur.

With Furnqube all the problems involving after-sales services or returns to the supplier can be easily managed. From the sale itself you can create a return or create a repair attaching pictures of the damaged goods and a detailed description. Thanks to our software, disputes with customers and suppliers will be reduced to a minimum, increasing your customer’s satisfaction.









Optional Modules


online shop   data connection

Connect your online store to Furnqube in a simple way. With this module you can manage the items, the good availability , your customers and the purchase order from the same software.




cloud one drive connection

Save and manage all the  documents     on the cloud. Thanks to Furnqube's connection  with Microsoft OneDrive you can access your documents anywhere from any device. Attaching 3D plans, renderings and documents   to sales and purchases is fast and easy.